Promoting Entrepreneurship for Community Resilience

MicroEntrepreneurs and small businesses build the economic foundation of communities.  Women, youth and minority entrepreneurs represent some of the strongest potential to fuel growth through the creation of small business enterprises and green jobs.

At ProMicro™ Consulting, our mission is to expand the economic horizons of green microentrepreneurs to strengthen their businesses and local communities. Our goal is to invest at the grassroots level to help low-wealth entrepreneurs to get the strategies, tools and resources for sustainable growth and promote viable, vibrant local economies. Our approach is to use our three core principles —pro-growth, pro-grassroots, pro-community— to help community organizations, nonprofit, and local government entities to answer the question of “how do we accomplish green, grassroots, growth in our community?”.

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Our view is that green enterprises improve their competitiveness and offer greater value to their employees and customers. These entrepreneurs make their services or products more environmentally-friendly or conserve their use of natural resources creating social impacts for their communities. We help entrepreneurs become more competitive and develop cost saving strategies by using green technologies to reduce energy costs, save transportation fees, recycle waste streams, increase efficiency in production or service delivery and a host of other strategies.

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Grassroots business owners are a diverse community that includes women, Native American, African American, Hispanic, Asian and new immigrants. Women- and minority-owned businesses alone account for more than 40% of all firms operating in the US economy. Increasing numbers of these grassroots entrepreneurs will continue to create a sustainable source of future growth. We support these grassroots entrepreneurs with business training, business plan development, certifications acquisition to improve the quality of their enterprises.

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Green enterprises continue to fuel growth in the green sector of the US economy while gaining momentum worldwide. Sustainable business growth as a singular objective can be an elusive target to achieve. How do businesses capture best practices, incorporate market intelligence into their operations, and expand in a sustainable way? We provide entrepreneurs with counseling and planning services to help them acquire appropriate technologies, develop innovative market-based strategies and leverage core competencies to chart a path to sustainable growth.

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