Cass Community Services of Detroit: Building tiny homes Strengthening large communities

In our work at ProMicro, we focus on building strong communities through interwoven interventions that the creation of sustainable, full-time employment and resilient households. Part of the equation is not only finding a job but also solving the economic and social riddle of home ownership

We are highlighting Cass Community Services for their integrated and effective approach to doing both in some of Detroit’s must vulnerable and neglected neighborhoods. Check out the job-creation below and be sure to visit their website.

Be sure to catch this PBS Newshour video on the tiny-house movement that CCS is championing.

From the Cass Green Industries website:

Cass began creating jobs for people with significant barriers to employment during the recession of 2007. When you shop with Green Industries, you are helping to provide work for adults who have developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, physical restrictions or who have formerly experienced homelessness, war, or prison.

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