Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises/The Green Team: A Triple Bottom Line

This month we salute the Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises/The Green Team (GBCE) and their great work in launching many socially-conscious, green business initiatives in the Bridgeport, CT metro area. Working in economically-depressed neighborhoods, the organization’s most recent efforts have resulted in the launch of Park Green a 100,000-a-year capacity mattress recycling non-profit organization to complement its Green Business Hub, environmental job training and passive residential energy promotion programs for their local communities.   Park Green projects to create approximately 25 jobs for ex-offenders and low-income residents in the community.  With a triple bottom line of local job creation, family economic resiliency, a and positive environmental impact, GBCE’s ambitious mission is to launch 2 to 3 new community-based businesses that will create 100  local green jobs and pump an estimated $1.8 million into the local economy over the next 5 years. Rather than list all their initiatives, we invite you to visit their website  and read about their impressive efforts, local community impacts and sustainable vision for a future economic revitalization of their community based on a green-er economy.


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