What We Do

Helping You and Your Community Find the Path to Success

We help you build and grow successful small green businesses in your challenging economic environment. We leverage our rich and varied experiences of working with low-wealth entrepreneurs and communities to obtain lasting, positive results. Our expertise lies in working together with you to formulate sustainable business solutions in multi-cultural settings, constrained or uncertain market conditions, and degraded natural environments.

Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.”Sitting Bull

Our Services

Small Enterprise Development Services. Many communities are recognizing the roadmap to growth and prosperity runs through their budding entrepreneurs and existing small businesses. We craft a balanced blend of services that add value to your efforts for long-term growth and sustainability. We do this through the provision of small business plan development, business mentoring, and credit counseling and financial counseling services.

  1. Business plan development.
  2. Business Mentoring
  3. Credit Coaching
  4. Financial Education

“It isn’t where you come from; it’s where you’re going that counts.” – Ella Fitzgerald

Capacity Building for Your Organization. ProMicro has years of experience working worldwide with local community partners to help them to customize and operationalize a set of strategies to achieve the sometimes hard but worthwhile social impact at a community level. We also have a deep experience in helping organizations “step back” from their daily operations, governance, and funding strategies to assess where they are and improve how they are doing.

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Organizational Assessment
  3. Board Development
  4. Fundraising and Proposal Development

Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing. – Theodore Roosevelt

Business Training and Education. Entrepreneurs of every stripe recognize the importance of investing in themselves in order to invest in their businesses. We give you the tools, knowledge and ‘safe space’ to practice what you have learned to increase your “human capital”. ProMicro has been a global provider of “hands-on”, adult-oriented, effective business training and educational sessions for women, youth, and young men who aspire to be or who are already entrepreneurs often with little to no formal education.

  1. Business Skills training
  2. Market Solutions and Strategies
  3. Financial Product and Services Development

“When you know better you do better.” – Maya Angelou

Performance Measurement. We will help you measure and model the great work you do every day. We help you to tie your indicators to your mission, capture your achievements, and implement quicker improvements to your operations or business. Our performance management support allows you to innovate quicker, serve your clients better, exercise better stewardship of your scarce resources and provide credible evidence of the positive change that you create at your business, organizational or community level.
You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

Our Projects

We’ve listed a few of our most recent projects and reports. Please contact us for more information on our wide range of expertise and projects:

Impact Baseline and Monitoring, Evaluation (CARE LINKUP Savings Groups)

Collaborative 372-household level rolling baseline surveys and research in Tanzania and Kenya to investigate VSLA group cohesion, success rates, entrepreneurship creation and linkages to formal banks and lending institutions over a 2-year period. Under collaborative sub-agreement through Datassist of Toronto, Canada, a leading research and M&E firm.

US Department of Health and Human ServicesUS Dept Health and Human Services

The federal government annually funds local community economic development corporations and nonprofits to create jobs, revitalize communities, invest in resettled refugees and low-income individuals and build self-sufficiency through programs that link their communities to critical resources. Applications to the Offices of Community Services and the Office of Refugee Resettlement seek grant funding maximum awards of $800,000 to more than $1 million.

Making Markets Work for the Poor Evaluation(MMW4P)

Comprehensive evaluation publication of the effectiveness of the VSO-Accenture partnerships and Learning Centers to promote markets-for-poor methodologies. As result of acceptance of 35,000 GBP proposal, provision of technical advice and support to final publication.

Youth Value Chains in Ghana 

Technical design reports with value chain-analysis and recommendations for youth enterprise and employment opportunities into key agriculture and agribusiness sub-sectors to support development of MasterCard Foundation Employment Opportunities for Youth (EOY) project in Ghana.

Asset Transfer Guidance

A Guidance Sheet developed for intermediary-level NGOs to target vulnerable populations with economic strengthening strategies. For Save the Children/US in partnership with FHI360 as part of USAID/Nigeria Livelihood Food Security Technical Assistance (LIFT) project.

Mobile Financial Services Risk Assessment Guide for MFIs

With financial support from the SEEP Network, the guide is a collaborative effort by ProMicro Consulting and other member organizations of the Financial Services Working Group. Currently under development, the Guide serves as a companion guide to the Mobile Financial Services Risk Matrix.(Authors: Booz, Allen, Hamilton/USAID/Kenya School of Monetary Studies.


Youth Entrepreneurship Development for Sierra Leone, Niger and Senegal

Proposal developed for Plan International/Canada; March 2011

A 3-West African country proposal for youth entrepreneurship and employment encompassing market expansion and linkages for microenterprises, key Business develoopment services (BDS), entrepreneurial development, and capacity training.

Linking Young Women and Their Enterprises to Markets

Value Chain Analysis and Market Development Report for JSI/CAMFED Tanzania

A Focus on the Horticulture Subsector; July 2010

This report details market-oriented strategies to link women-owned microenterprises in the horticultural subsector with sustainable access to higher-value agricultural markets. The report also describes the value chain assessment approach and subsequent market analysis of HIV-AIDS impacted Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) business owners, particularly women-owned and -operated small enterprises in rural Tanzania. Women business owners were initially organized by CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education) into savings groups and provided with generic business skills training and funded with small block grants and loans.

Linking Savings Group Members to Markets

Value Chain Analysis and Market Development: Focus on the Honey, Potato, Fruit/Vegetable and Seedling Nursery Subsectors; May 2010

Report for Aga Khan Foundation/Canada  and MSDPS EDU/Tajikistan.

Report provides key recommendations on improving rural incomes through savings-led financial services group of microentrepreneurs. Market strategies were devised to link savings group members (SGs) and producer groups (PGs) to agricultural value chains through value chain market assessments, incorporation of subsector assessments, and identification of high potential value chains that minimize risk exposure and maximize group members’ participation in rural and urban markets

Improving the Well-Being of Vulnerable Girls and Boys in Burundi: Urwaruka Rushasha

A Final Report on Project Rollout Recommendations for the International Rescue Committee

A detailed final report on partner capacity assessment, potential high margin agricultural value chains and MFI capacity building options for value chain financing; A USAID/DCOF-funded project; March, 2010

Youth Workforce Development in the Construction Industry – Afghan Secure Futures Project

Kabul, Afghanistan; A Final Report on Recommendations to AED/MEDA;

USAID/DCOF-funded STRIVE project; May 2009

A report on recommendations to international organizations and local community organization on market development strategies and firm-level capacity building interventions through a value-chain approach to youth employment development in the construction sector of Kabul.

Report on Working Capital Business Group Clients in Boston and Lowell, MA USA

Analysis, Findings and Recommendations; January 2000

A statistical impact report on the organization’s services of small business loans, business development services, group networking on overall business performance from low-income communities